Malang Continuing Urology Education

“Urological Science and Service in New Normal”

May 19th - 21st, 2022

Department of Urology, Faculty of Medicine-Universitas Brawijaya
Saiful Anwar General Hospital &
Harris Hotel and Conventions, Malang, East Java

Congress Information

General Information 15th MCUE

15th Malang Continuing Urology Education (MCUE)

“Urological Science and Service in New Normal”

May 19th - 21st, 2022
Department of Urology, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya
Saiful Anwar General Hospital and
Harris Hotel and Conventions Malang

Important Dates
Deadline for Abstract Submission: 15th March 2022
Deadline for Early Registration: 15th March 2022
Workshop: 19th May 2022
Symposium: 20th-21st May 2022
Opening Ceremony:20th May 2022
Exhibition: 20th-21st May 2022
Closing Ceremony: 21st May 2022

Congress Information

Organizing Committee & Faculties 15th MCUE


*within confirmation

  • David T. Bolong (Phillipines)
  • Jeremy B. Myers (USA)
  • Miroslav Djordjevic (USA)
  • Otas Durutovic (Serbia)
  • Peter F. A. Mulders (Netherlands)
  • Siti Nur Masyithah (Malaysia)
  • Steven Joniau (Belgium)
  • Andri Kustono
  • Besut Daryanto
  • Doddy M. Soebadi
  • Fikri Rizaldi
  • Gede Wirya K. Duarsa
  • Gerald Reinaldi Situmorang
  • Harrina E. Rahardjo
  • Kadek Budi Santosa
  • Kuncoro Adi
  • Kurnia Penta Seputra
  • Lukman Hakim
  • Medianto
  • Moh. Ayodhia Soebadi
  • Paksi Satyagraha
  • Parsaoran Nababan
  • Pradana Nurhadi
  • Prahara Yuri
  • Ponco Birowo
  • Ricky Ardiansjah
  • Taufiq Nur Budaya
  • Widi Atmoko

Scientific Program

Topics, Program at Glance, & Scientific Schedule 15th MCUE


Registration fee & Information 15th MCUE


Registered online participants are entitled to admission to all scientific sessions. Each participant will receive user id and password for access the virtual exhibition in this website and zoom webinar link with unique code.
and for Registered offline participants are entitled to admission to all scientific sessions including trade exhibits, scheduled coffee breaks as well as lunches. Each participant will receive a name badge and congress kit containing the final program/abstract.

All scientific registrants must register as full participant and pay the relevant registration fees via credit card or bank transfer to :

Bank Name : Bank CIMB Niaga
Account Number : 706813846900
Account Name : Perkumpulan Dokter Spesialis Urologi Indonesia (IAUI) Cabang Malang

Registration will not be confirmed until the committee has received the respective registration fee.

To register, please following link Register now and complete the registration together with your payment to the congress secretariat. Payment method can be through bank transfer or credit card.


Guideline Rules, Regulations & submission for Abstract 15th MCUE

Online Submission

Click Button submit abstract to submit your abstract

*make sure the file complies with the guidelines.

Abstract Guidelines

  • Abstract(s) may not have been published previously at the time of presentation of the annual MCUE congress.
  • Any human experimentation that has been conducted with respect to the submitted abstract(s), should have been conducted according to the protocol approved by the institutional or local committee on ethics in human investigation; or, if no such committee exists, the works should have been conducted in accordance with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki of World Medical Association. Council may enquire further into ethical aspects when evaluating the abstract(s)
  • In clinical studies, the authors must state that an Ethical Committee approval has been obtained.
  • Copyright of the abstract(s) is assigned to the Department of Urology Saiful Anwar General Hospital Malang any conflicts with any other scientific association will be the sole responsibility of the author(s).
  • All abstracts that are published, including figures and tables, are the property of Department of Urology Saiful Anwar General Hospital Malang and are protected by copyright. Requests for re-use of material can be done through.
  • Accepted abstracts will be published as a supplement of Malang Continuing Urology Education 2020, available at the 15th MCUE 2022 Secretariat.
  • The 15th MCUE Scientific Committee office reserves the right to obtain your raw data for statistical evaluation.

  • All abstract(s) must be submitted in English. Applies also for the title, text body and author affiliations
  • Only abstract submitted through the official online submission system will considered
  • Cancellation or name changes should be notified 1 month prior to the congress by email to
  • When you have included graphs or pictures in your abstract(s) you are obliged to send your original source file (e.g Excel, jpg etc) by separate e-mail to
  • Case reports are eligible for submission
  • Systematic reviews (with or without meta-analysis) can be submitted only when they meet the following standards:
  • The clinical question was clearly defined using a standard PICO (Population, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome) format
  • A comprehensive systematic literature search was carried out
  • An assessment of the risk of bias was made
  • Key findings are clearly described including clinical practice relevance

Each quoted author should have contributed substantially to the represented work in terms of conceptual design or analysis writing of article and final approval of the article in order to take public responsibility for the content.

The size of abstracts not more than 300 words and limited to 3,000 characters (including title, body of abstract, spaces tables and graphics). Every picture / graphic count for 500 characters.

The title should clearly define the topic. Do not identify your institution in the title. There is no maximum length for the title. However, the characters in the title are included in your total character count. The first letter of the title will automatically begin with a capital letter. Do type the abstract and title in small letters, except for abbreviations. Do not type the abstract title in capital letters.

Type full family name and first name of all authors, only omitting any titles, degrees and institutional affiliations. It is advisable to check the correct spelling of the family name and initials with each author. Please check that for authors from the same institution, the name of institution is written in the exact same way to avoid the creation of extra affiliations, which are in fact identical

Type the name of the institution, department, city and country in English.

Body of The Abstract
The following headings have already been formatted for you and should not be entered in the text fields again:

  • Introduction & objectives
  • Materials & methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion
State the objective of the study, describe the material and methods, summarize the results presenting sufficient details to support of the conclusions reached (not acceptable to state: “The results will be discussed“). Use number for numbers and only very well-known abbreviations e.g. kg, MRI etc. If you must use other abbreviations you must explain it the first time it appears. You can use the special keys to insert tables, pictures or specific characters.

Proof Reading
Verify that your abstract is correct and read the proof carefully that will be automatically shown after you have inserted all data. Keep a printout for your own records.

Abstract bodies will be published as submitted, except for a simple English spelling check. After submission deadline there is no possibility to edit the abstract anymore.

Deadline for abstract submission is March 15th, 2022, 23:59.59 Local Time

In case you want to withdraw your abstract after submission, please send an email before March 20th, 2022 to

Should be received at the 15th MCUE 2022 secretariat before March 15th, 2022. After this date will not accepted